Tender for Equipment 18.02.2019

TENDER NOTICE 18.02.2019

Sealed offers are invited from the reputed Manufacturer/ Direct Importer/ Authorized Indian Representative for the supply of following equipments and CMC etc; as per tender conditions as stipulated in the tender documents.

Sl. Tender No. Name of Equipment Estimated Cost Estimated Qty. Tender Fee(INR) Earnest Money (INR) Last Date of Receipt of Tender up to 12.00 PM Date of Opening of Tech. Bidfrom 03.00 PM
1 CBMR/PUR/501/2017-18 Ultra Low Immersion Cooling Bath with Stirring (-80oC or lower) 3,50,000 1 No. 1,180.00 4,500.00 09.03.2019 13.03.2019
2 CBMR/PUR/553/2018-19 CMC of Server & LAN Network - As per Tender 1,180.00 20,000.00 09.03.2019 13.03.2019
3 CBMR/PUR/567/2018-19 Server System (Full set including mail server and storage) 8,00,000 1 No. 1,180.00 8,500.00 09.03.2019 13.03.2019
4 CBMR/PUR/568/2018-19 Polarimeter (Full Set) 12,00,000 1 No.(E-Tender) 1,180.00 12,500.00 09.03.2019 13.03.2019
5 CBMR/PUR/569/2018-19 Rotary Evaporator System (Full Set) 11,00,000 2 Nos.(E-Tender) 1,180.00 11,500.00 09.03.2019 13.03.2019

The Tender documents duly filled in will be received by speed post / regd. post / courier only in the office of CBMR. For detailed information, you may please visit our website http://www.cbmr.res.in. The tender documents can be downloaded from above website to submit the sealed offers. Bids will be opened in the presence of authorized representative of the bidders on scheduled date and time.

Tender on Sl. No. 4 & 5 are e-tender and will be submitted online only on Govt.    e-portal http://www.etender.up.nic.in.

Director reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in part or full without assigning any reason thereof. The Centre will not be responsible for any postal delay.