Tender for Equipment


CBMR is inviting e-Tenders from Reputed Manufacturers/ Direct Importers/ Authorized Distributors / Accredited Agents for the supply of equipments through Govt. e-portal www.etender.up.nic.in, as per tender terms & conditions as stipulated in the tender documents. The offer will be accepted On-Line only on e-tender portal www.etender.up.nic.in with terms & conditions as mentioned in tender documents.

Sl. Tender No. Name of Equipment Estimated Qty. Tender Fee(`) Earnest Money (`) Last Date of Receipt of Tender up to 4.00 PM Date of Opening of Tech. Bid from 03.00 PM
1 CBMR/PUR/643/2019-20  Ventilated Chemical Storage Cabinet 1 1,180.00 2,500.00 31.12.2019 07.01.2020
2 CBMR/PUR/587/2019-20  HPLC System 1 1,180.00 15,500.00 31.12.2019 07.01.2020

Please do visit etender.up.nic.in from time to time before last date of submission of tender for any possible amendment/ corrigendum/ addendum.